The Vector Trust is private entity, operating as a diversified holding company with a footprint across 4 continents and a presence in 9 countries. Each operating unit is an independent business unit, supporting each other with professional, technical and industry specific expertise.

The Vector Trust is spreading, by example, the message of economic empowerment, free-market capitalism, open-borders to trade and the power of the entrepreneurial mind.

VectorInter.Net "delivers" on a 100% optical ip/backbone transport network to global enterprises and telecom partners. We connect the world with a Tier 1 optical-switched network and fiber capacity to met the needs of an "on-line" reality. We support our clients needs with facilities management, network connectivity across the globe, and wholesale services to the web site hosting, media distibution and enterprise-grade web-based platforms.
Vector Internet

Read about "How things work" in the newsletter archives library. Learn Who invented the @ symbol found in every E-mail address, How Search engines "work" and read the legendary "Santa Claus Memo".

VectorVC brings thoughtful management and new expertise together, with funding to create profitable results. Our diversity of experience and ability to tap into industry-specific knowledge and operational guidance allow us to deliver superior performance from existing facilities and staff at each new enterprise.

VectorVC is known as "the quiet VC" because we intentionally and aggressively avoid any/all publicity. If you are reading these web pages, because of rumors in the workplace, please do not consider our privacy stance as a negative. VectorVC is proud of our history, retaining operational, technical, sales and support staff, "in place", when we take a new investment or operating position. People are the most valuable asset in most enterprises. We know this and recognize that poorly implimented "C-level" decisions create opportunities for us to assist struggling enterprises, but NOT at the expense of productive people. Privacy and "stealth" allows us to swiftly move to greater success and return growth to our operating partners. creates professional motorsports images that help deliver powerful editorial and commercial messages. We've been capturing Formula 1 and LeMans, or AMLS, the Indy Racing League, CART/ChampCar, SCORE Off-Road, the NHRA and other interesting fast "stuff" for almost 30 years.

Contact to see what we can contribute to your print, graphic, commercial or online imaging content needs.

Vector RMG  Resource Management Group

Vector Resource Management Group is our branded Insurance brokerage facility, managing the risk of human assets, employee healthcare, liability and property coverages in a competitive global environment. We help off-load risk and expense, by bring non-core expertise to your team.

We absorb redundant or "excess" facilities [and staff], into the VectorRMG platform, creating a Win-Win for service providers, clients, customers and people with skills. We strive to be invisible to the competitive landscape of our client users.

VectorTradeShowDisplays and Vector provides trade show project management to clients around the world, delivering a comprehensive set of services for handling owned exhibit property(s). We can cost-effectively maximize your investment in trade shows, exhibitions, industry /consumer events.

VectorDisplays.comis a full-service trade show exhibit company, with both rental and purchase programs, plus custom exhibit design, fabrication and round-trip logistics, including installation, dismantle, and storage. Our "turn-key" service allows you to arrive at the trade show, with business cards and walk-away at show closing, without worries. .

Trip Proximity by Solutionz

TravelingToGive is a “smart trip tool” that allows visitors/ customers/ event attendees to your company facilities, your venue or your event(s) to easily find available hotels nearby.
Unlike other hotel room booking sites, This tool, powered by TripProximity allows your travelers to sort options, precisely, finding hotel(s) [1 thru 5 stars] listed BY DISTANCE, from the real final destination. No guess work needed. No more bouncing from booking site to a map to search addresses, and stress about finding a great hotel deal on the far side of town. See all the distance/locations in the tool.

When you insert the tool into your website, marketing message, social media post, email messages, YOUR travelers create donation dollars to the charity of your choice, gifted in YOUR name. Solutionz automatically donates a percentage of commission revenues.
ANY organization that "creates" travel, ie:employees /vendors, or “destinations” with arriving visitors can use the TripProximity tool.

Curious? Try the VectorTrust TravelingToGive tool. We have helped raise funds for St Jude’s Childrens Research hospital for 40 years. You can select any recognized legal charity [local or national] that you choose to support, when YOU add the TravelingToGive tool into your messaging platforms.
Traveling To Give by Solutionz

Vector Software GmbH ist unsere Codeentwicklungseinheit in Bonn Deutschland. Wir sind stolz auf diese Resource die verf gbar ist zu VectorInter.Net IP netzwerk.


HortonWorks morphed/merged into Cloudera, as leaders in open Hadoop-based big data systems. This enterprise data cloud is a platform for improving 5G network service quality and optimizing the network and end-user/customer experience.

In October2021, we are excited to "exit"/privately to Sky Parent Inc., an affiliate of Clayton, Dubilier & Rice and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

The Vector Trust leaves this post as a digital tombstone to our history with HortonWorks.
cdr KKR

Alleghany Insurance

Alleghany Corp (NYSE-Y-) was founded as a railroad transportation company in 1929, evolving into a holding company for investments and insurance product/services company by 2009, when the Vector Trust became involved.
After [almost exactly] 13 years, [starting July 2009] Alleghany was "exit-ed" March 2022, sold to ["ourselves"?] and Warren Buffett/ Berkshire Hathaway.

The Vector Trust leaves this post as a digital tombstone to our history with Alleghany Corp
Berkshire Hathaway

Squegee CRM

Squegee CRM was an internal, stand-alone, "hosted" tool within the Vector Trust platform for our use in client management / tracking. It evolving into a viable product, used by two long term invested holdings that were unhappy with the "retail" CRM options available [and those cost]. One of those clients wanted to be a consolidation player in the industry and offering a sales/tracking platform created synergy.
After 3 years, Squegee CRM was ready to go to market, but interrupted, sold, rebranded with the clients name and we exit-ed.

The Vector Trust leaves this post as a digital tombstone to our history with our product that never was.

Vector Transportation Logistics was a Austrailan "full-continent" specialist service provider crossing industry sectors to provide transport, distribution, warehousing, on-time delivery, credit management and other administrative services. We operated an internally created "connected" ERP system (enterprise resource planning) that allowed for "instantanious" inventory tracking at any point across a diverse vehicle fleet, including multi- temperature trucks and large volume "road-trains".
Vector Transportation Logistics was one of our first full enterprise, self-contained businesses built from the ground-up. We sold the CRM / tracking software to a multi-national user, who modified it, but operates it today. The warehouse(s), fleet and all of our people were taken, with no employee disruption in 2008.

The Vector Trust leaves this post as a digital tombstone to our history with Vector Transportation Logistics

Recruiting com

Recuiting com was an early digital HR tool. The Vector Trust was an early funding investor/ strategic board member. The company was sold to in 2006. [unaffiliated with the current use of the Name/URL]

The Vector Trust leaves this post as a digital tombstone to our history with Recuiting com .

Court Ordered Classroom

Court Ordered Classroom LLC offered state-mandated and/or Court-required education and training classes, across disciplines. We did "Traffic School" for auto insurance discounts and court-mandated classes for DUI or other criminal cases requirements. CoC offered Florida concealed carry weapons permit classes, plus Federally certified training for OHSA "safety officers" required on job-sites across the USA.

Our mandate was the requirement for "in-person" / hands-on class experiences. When Courts and industry began to allow short-cuts/online/video click/classes and the super-low cost competitive entrants to the business arrived, we chose ethics over lazy, and walked away in 2014.

The Vector Trust leaves this post as a digital tombstone to our history with Court Ordered Classroom com.

Free Lunch Coupons com

Free Lunch Coupons com was micro-retail website, ad-supported geo-targeted, "coupon" traffic-driver to locally-owned restaurants. We did two successful beta-test markets, then sold to "smarter" investors who failed to grow /flip the business model. [This was 5 years before Groupon and LivingSocial "arrived", then failed] and pre-dating current delivery models by 20-ish years.

The Vector Trust leaves this post as a digital tombstone to our history with Free Lunch Coupons com.

Splunk - Cisco Systems

The Vector Trust has been an investor in Splunk, [SPLK] since 2010, and an investor in Cisco Systems, [CSCO] since 1995. We are excited about the announcement in 4Q of 2023, that Cisco will complete an all-cash deal to purchase Splunk. With regulatory approval, the deal closed in March of 2024.

The Vector Trust leaves this post as a digital tombstone to our history with Splunk.

About us: The Vector Trust is a diversified holding company of independent business units, like VectorInter.Net, which offers carrier-grade IP transport and web site hosting for enterprises with a global footprint. Each Vector Trust operating entity is independent, with unique skill sets, that present opportunities to spread by example, the message of economic empowerment, free-market capitalism, open-borders to trade and the power of the entrepreneurial mind.

If you've arrived at this page expecting to see link(s) that don't appear, be aware that several business units intentionally operate without "branding" and are truely private. Thank you for your interest in the Vector Trust.