The Vector Trust is private entity, operating as a diversified holding company with a footprint across 4 continents and a presence in 9 countries. Each operating unit is an independent business unit, supporting each other with professional, technical and industry specific expertise.

The Vector Trust is spreading, by example, the message of economic empowerment, free-market capitalism, open-borders to trade and the power of the entrepreneurial mind.

VectorInter.Net "delivers" on a 100% optical ip/backbone transport network to global enterprises and telecom partners. We connect the world with a Tier 1 optical-switched network and fiber capacity to met the needs of an "on-line" reality. We support our clients needs with facilities management, network connectivity across the globe, and wholesale services to the web site hosting, media distibution and enterprise-grade web-based platforms.

Read about "How things work" in the newsletter archives library. Learn Who invented the @ symbol found in every E-mail address, How Search engines "work" and read the legendary "Santa Claus Memo". brings thoughtful management and new expertise together, with funding to create profitable results. Our diversity of experience and ability to tap into industry-specific knowledge and operational guidance allow us to deliver superior performance from existing facilities and staff at each new enterprise. Read more and contact creates professional motorsports images that help deliver powerful editorial and commercial messages. We've been capturing Formula 1 and LeMans, or AMLS, the Indy Racing League, CART/ChampCar, SCORE Off-Road, the NHRA and other interesting fast "stuff" for almost 30 years.

Contact to see what we can contribute to your print, graphic, commercial or online imaging content needs.

VectorInter.Net operates a 100% optical ip/backbone transport network to global enterprises and telecom partners. Our “branded” data-centres and telecomminications facilities are managed for global operators, off-loading risk, expense and non-core expertise to a team with parallel values.

We absorb redundant or "excess" facilities [and staff], into the “Vector” platform, creating a Win-Win for service providers, clients, customers and people with skills. We strive to be invisible to the competitive landscape of our client users.

VectorTradeShowDisplays and Vector provides trade show project management to clients around the world, delivering a comprehensive set of services for handling owned exhibit property(s). We can cost-effectively maximize your investment in trade shows, exhibitions, industry /consumer events.

VectorDisplays.comis a full-service trade show exhibit company, with both rental and purchase programs, plus custom exhibit design, fabrication and round-trip logistics, including installation, dismantle, and storage. Our "turn-key" service allows you to arrive at the trade show, with business cards and walk-away at show closing, without worries. .

InsuraPerks LLC is a specialist consulting firm, arranging Health care options for private employers and municipal/state government entities, and/or their support services, [ie: school boards, fire/police agencies, etc] We help the smallest [5-15] employers provide comparable health/benefits to retain employees for the long term and assist in the transition to "self-insured" for those large enough to see a cost advantage. No two situations are the same. We offer a unique way to "shop", so you can find the most advantageous plan for your employees and budget. We'll be offering exciting new "disruptive options in the [small group health insurance] marketplace, in mid-2019.

Hennessy Distributingl ®is a 100% cotton towel(s) that is pre-moistened with an all-natural cooling solution. Each towel is hygienically sealed in a resealable package, designed for repeated use, and provides instant cooling to the body, without refrigeration, any "preparation" or the need for water!

EcoCleanse Decontamination Towels ®were developed BY firefighters, FOR firefighters, who saw the importance of rapidly decontaminating themselves from carcinogens and other harmful chemicals. CoolTowel ® & EcoCleanse Decon Towels ® are patented / trademarked products distrubuted as the master licencee by Hennessy Distributing

Vector Broadcast Media develops radio programs that deliver target audiences to advertisers. We develop "local" or "celebrity" talent, so they suceed "on-the-air" with single-station or syndicated radio show(s) and content for social media platforms.

Our media training creates second careers for pro athletes, Doctors, Lawyers and Indian Chiefs. We train talented individuals to convert thier life-skills & experiences into an effective communications message, as a host, guest, spokesman or entertainer.

Porch Talk Radio, on-TV is our 10+ year "test-bed" for migrating traditional radio to full TV, web-video, plus streaming pod-cast and social media interaction.

The STRYKR Covert Carry concealed-weapon wardrobe is a new, revolutionary and patented way to "carry" with a greatly reduced chance of accidental detection. These wardrobe pieces were developed for use by US security operators to use in environments where "printing" a gun comes with safety, security and diplomatic risk.

Now the STRYKR wardrobe is available to state, municipal and "campus" security agencies, plus private security guards and individuals who want to legally "carry", without the concerns of accidental display or "printing" your weapon.

Learn more about the STRYKR Covert Carry "Agent" dress slacks, OPS pants, Delta cargo-stlye pants, TAC shorts, plus other innovative "carry" wardrobe items at

Vector Software GmbH ist unsere Codeentwicklungseinheit in Bonn Deutschland. Wir sind stolz auf diese Resource die verfügbar ist zu VectorInter.Net IP netzwerk.

Vector Transportation Logistics is a specialist service provider crossing industry sectors to provide transport, distribution, warehousing, on-time delivery, credit management and other administrative services. We operate a "connected" ERP system (enterprise resource planning) that allows for "instantanious" inventory tracking at any point across a diverse vehicle fleet, including multi- temperature trucks and large volume "road-trains".

The design and manufacture of fine glassware and porcelain art designs from the StudioKAV marry the most ancient of technologies, expert craftsmanship and the designs of Dr Leslie Kavanaugh.

Located in Amsterdam, NL the StudioKAV takes part in the new wave of Dutch design, tied to the tradition of the Netherlands as a global trading nation.

Court Ordered Classroom LLC provides the educational classes mandated by state law or required by the Courts.

The obvious examples are traffic court "driver safety classes", but we also assist you with Co-Parenting classes [known as "the divorce class"], plus real estate exam "prep", concealed-weapon carry permit training and other classes that contain a "certificate of attendance" component. Industry specific classes for OSHA, the US Dept of Transportation and the TSA are taught in our classroom facilities by contractors.

Real Estate License Online.US is a Distance Learning portal for Real Estate professionals. We offer online classes for Pre-license, post-license and continuing education of real estate agents, and Brokers. Every class is pre-approved by your State's Real Estate Board, Commission or Department of Professional Licensing.

Online classes are more convenient, Our class curriculum is the most current, matching your State's CE credit requirements, and often the total cost of these state-mandated professional CE classes is much lower too. Learn more. Start a career. Get the Real Estate License classes and exam prep you need at www.Real Estate License Online.US

Sugar Rae's Sweet Shoppe & Coffee Bar is a franchise proto-type for those with a passion for the very best ice cream, candy treats and coffee.

We are building the next "must-have" brand name. Customers value top-quality, hand-made ice cream, coffee drinks build store loyalty, and bespoke chocolates/unique,tasty candy treats excite every sweet-tooth. The combination of all three, offers a quickly-profitable business, with a turn-key plan and is an affordable opportunity in single location or master/area franchisee.

The original TouchPro Basketball is an innovative new training tool to assist in learning ball-control and shooting skills.

Invented by a former college "star", pro player and training coach, the TouchPro ball corrects finger-to-ball placement and improves accuracy and confidence. Read more at TouchPro Basketball

City Discount Mattress provides retail consumer shopping advice about mattress and bedding choices. We are mattress factory experts, helping single store and low-unit number mattress retailers compete with the franchise/"big box" stores and department stores in the mall.

ReadHow to shop for a mattressorhe easy way to Flip/Rotate your mattressand other consumer advice, on our web site.

SqueegeeCRM is the newest “Vector” start-up, evolving from conversations at a “Start-up Week” failure-to-launch. Some industry disruptors just can’t be “invented” in a 3-day weekend, even if the basic idea is sound.

Every industry has specific needs for customer lead capture, chase, noting, appointments, conversion, plus closing and follow-up. Intergrated service and scheduling make “data-entry” cumulative, not redundant as prospects follow the path to [repeat] customers. SquegeeCRM is a industry specific disruptive platform, coming to industry in late 2019.

HD Enterprises helps you succeed. Focus on what YOU do, let us manage your website, online interactives and social media. You already "farm-out" payroll, accounting, logistics, [and other contracted services, why shouldn't your website be WAAS too?

What is WAAS? "Website As A Service" means your online presence is always up to date. No panic phone calls to find a web developer you don't remember hiring a few months/ years back. WAAS means peace of mind, and the most current content, interactivity, security features, updated constantly, whether you do e-commerce, or "just" lead capture and knowledge resource. Ask how HD Enterprises offers better services and visibility, for a lower "total cost".

Nothing beats "touching" voters in person. Are your campaign efforts effective or wasting resources? Vector Campaign Services provides new insights into campaign communications and GOTV effectiveness in the "new media" era. VCS offers real cost effective solutions for both campaign-cycle and election day success.

VectorRMG LLC Vector Resource Management Group offers manpower, expertise and solutions in the group health insurance space. We specialize in "Stop-Loss" premiums, arbitrage of pool risk, actuarial consulting and decision making for employers of diverse size.

About us: The Vector Trust is a diversified holding company of independent business units, like VectorInter.Net, which offers carrier-grade IP transport and web site hosting for enterprises with a global footprint. Each Vector Trust operating entity is independent, with unique skill sets, that present opportunities to spread by example, the message of economic empowerment, free-market capitalism, open-borders to trade and the power of the entrepreneurial mind.

Vector Displays/Vector Trade Show Displays are an example of start-ups that filled an opportunity in an industry segment. We combined talented people and skills, with support from VectorVC, to create a successful new employer for the Atlanta/USA economy. Cool / Hennessy Distributing is the master distributor of a diverse line of bio-degradable/green products that are non-toxic, but effective in solving problems for 1st responders, and social agencies responding to fires, floods, and other natural disasters. CoolTowel ® refreshes and literally cools, exhasted firefighters and disaster relief workers [and victims] without the need for refrigeration, prep, or water. The newest product, EcoCleanse Decontamination towels ® are an all-natural way to clean human skin, without using soaps or plastic wipes, containing other chemicals. This product was developed for firefighters, but now available to other social agencies and consumers for use by the homeless, displaced disaster victims and others who need a 100% natural cleaning option that doesn't require water or other preparation before use. City Discount Mattress is another example of bringing expertise, in a new form, to an industry segment. As small retailers struggle, because of competition from "chain" and franchise mattress stores, CDM created new marketing tools uniquely successful for individual store owners, saving local retail businesses and jobs from disappearing in communities. provides creative images for world-wide editorial and commercial use in print and online media. The company started long before the explosion of motorsports enthusiast web sites demanded "content", from Formula One, LeMans, IndyCar, ALMS and other racing events. The archive library of has historical images that are still in demand, as we record new memories during each "championship" year. Vector Broadcast Media produces enthusiastic radio programs, hosted by talent with a story to tell. VBM leverages the creative talent of experienced broadcasters to develop, train and produce the next stars of radio/TV and online media. Vector Software GmbH designs computer-engineering solutions for telecommunications providers, global network operators and enterprise webhosting/data centre clients. Court Ordered Classroom LLC provides education mandated by state law or required by local Courts. This training is available both online and "instructor-lead" in one of our 4 locations across the state of Florida. STRYKR Tactical Gear offers the newest, patented line of Concealed-Carry wardrobe items. The US Special Forces operators had design input, because accidental display of weapons "in theater" has political and safety consequences. Now, domestic security companies, P.I.s armed guard services, "campus" security officers and private citizens can "carry" with greatly reduced fear of "printing"/accidental display of a weapon in public. Every item is DoD-certified, Made-in-the-USA too.

If you've arrived at this page expecting to see link(s) that don't appear, be aware that several business units intentionally operate without "branding" and are truely private. Thank you for your interest in the Vector Trust.